Kuching Waterfront Festival 2016

This year, Jalan Carpenter and Jalan Gambier all the way down to Kuching Waterfront will be transformed into a hive of activity from 11-13 November.

This event is held in conjunction with the Sarawak Regatta and Dragon Boat Competition, and hosts a variety of attractions in itself such as the ASEAN Kitchen, where traditional cooks from around the ASEAN countries will demonstrate and sell their traditional cuisines.

There will also be a handicraft bazaar set up, featuring local traditional wares such as jewelry, clothes, carvings and beads, as well as the Gambier Street Flea Market will also be taking place along Jalan Gambier, featuring over 100 stalls selling various products.

The Kuching Waterfront Management, with the combined effort of Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MTAC), are organising the event with the goal of expanding it to a broader international audience base.


Sarawak International Dragonboat Regatta

Sarawak’s famous Dragon Boat Regatta at the Kuching Waterfront will be taking place on November 11 to 13 this year, with teams of 20 or 12 boatmen and women from 11 countries, creating an event of astounding competitors and lively audiences.

Aside from the boat races themselves, the three day cultural event boasts local food and handicraft exhibitions as well as side events such as a mooncake festival, duck catching competition, tug-of-war, singing competitions and many more.


A jewel in the international Dragon Boat racing arena, the Sarawak International Dragon Boat Regatta has attracted huge global participation over the years, particularly from countries with similar dragon-boat racing cultural, and has become a trademark tourist attraction of Kuching.

The International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF), Asian Dragon Boat Federation (ADBF) and Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MTAC), as organisers of the event, have recorded a staggering 50 million participants in Asia alone, especially from China and Southeast Asia, with representatives from 70 countries around the world.


Urang Sarawak ‘Pameran Tentang Kita’ Gallery

The Urang Sarawak “Pameran Tentang Kita”, or the Sarawak People “Gallery about Us” is officially open for viewing at the Sarawak Art Museum just opposite the State Museum, making it the third gallery to open along the city centre.

The Urang Sarawak gallery displays different historical traits of the Sarawak people spanning across different eras such as the Colonial era and the World War era, with the intent of educating the people on the political and cultural heritage of the different ethnicities within Sarawak.

With displays ranging from art to artifact, the gallery covers the different aspects of the sociocultural lifestyles of the Sarawak people, including religion, cosmology and cultural arts.

While the gallery was originally planned to be a temporary replacement for the main building gallery while the State Museum is under renovations, there are hopes that this gallery will remain as it is or relocate to a wing of the main museum, as it has garnered a lot of interest from locals and tourists for its informational and appreciative representation of the many races and tribes in Sarawak.


Riverbank Suites And Apartments Under New Management

Now under the banner of Imperial Hotels, the Riverbank Hotel has been undergoing a makeover and will be open for business in late October.

This three-star boutique hotel will have 109 refurbished rooms and a fusion-styled Riverbank Café, and is located at the epicentre of Kuching’s cultural hub, overlooking the waterfront and the Rajang River.

The hotel is on the end of the waterfront’s boardwalk, and is a minute’s walk from the closeness to the sampans or riverboats, where tourists can simply take a sampan to the other side and experience a traditional Malay village and enjoy their traditional cuisine.

Traditional cultural food and crafts stores line the length of the waterfront, with historical buildings and museums thrown into the mix, making it a prime location for tourists.

Photo from www.sarawak-vacation-destinations.com
Photo from www.sarawak-vacation-destinations.com

Taipei ITF 2016

The Taipei International Travel Fair (Taipei ITF) 2016 will be held on November 4-7 at the Taipei World Trade Center.

 The Taipei ITF is the most popular travel fair in the Asia-Pacific region, providing golden opportunities for multiple business ventures at once while maintaining its reputation as a high-quality platform, as all exhibitors are strictly vetted to ensure only the best attend.

Last years’ ITF recorded 950 exhibitors and 1,450 booths from over 60 countries and regions over the four-day event, attracting nearly 350,000 visitors.

The Sarawak Tourism Board will be exhibiting throughout the event, alongside with others of the industry.


55th ICCA 2016

The 55th International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Congress will be taking place at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) on November 13-16.

The Congress hopes to facilitate networking, encourage the formation of new business ventures, as well as allowing participants to broaden their awareness and share experiences with others, thereby maximising the benefits for everyone attending the event.

Aside from forum-like presentations, the main attraction of ICCA is the incredibly social and communal concept of the event, with opportunities for everyone to participate in small-group discussions led by veterans of the field who can provide useful advice for a businessperson’s professional development.

ICCA is a knowledge hub and a global community over 1,000 member-companies strong, creating a knowledge hub of specialists from over 90 countries, all dedicated in the organising and logistics of international meetings and events.

With special attention to the international association meetings sector, ICCA has become an expert in its field with unparalleled information banks and communication networks, like a hive-mind of kindred businesses.


World Travel Mart

Sarawak will be exhibiting at the ExCel London exhibition and international convention center, during the World Travel Mart London on November 7-9.

WTM London is one of the leading tourism tradeshows in the world and is attended by over 50,000 senior travel industry professionals, government ministers and international press.

Travel trade professionals attend to meet new and existing contacts, gain industry insights and keep up to date with the latest travel trends whilst the 3,000 members of the international press come to report the latest stories and keep up to date with the Industry.

The Sarawak Tourism Board hopes that participating in this bridge-building event will create more opportunities to solidify the presence of Sarawak as a tourism destination within the European market by reviewing past marketing support and improving on existing ones, while simultaneously exploring new promotional initiatives with UK and European partners

To explore new promotional initiatives with UK and European partners


Meritorious Service Medal For Sarawak Tourism Board Staff

Sarawak Tourism Board’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mary Wan Mering and Director of Marketing Benedict Jimbau have recently been awarded the silver Meritorious Service Medal by the state of Sarawak.

The award is one of four Civil Administration Medals awarded to those who have rendered exceptional services to the state or Federal Government of Malaysia’s Civil Service.

Mary Wan and Benedict Jimbau have shown unceasingly exemplary service to the Sarawak tourism industry through their efforts in the Sarawak Tourism Board and promise to continue to do so.

Fort-To-Fort Trail: A Cycle Through Sarawak’s History

In a new Borneo cycling itinerary, the “fort-to-fort” project and trail has been developed by the state’s Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MTAC) and organised by Paradesa Borneo, to identify a heritage route six out of 20 forts, linked to the legacy of the Sarawak White Rajahs from over 105 years ago.

The bike trail, marketed as “Cycling the Heardhunter’s Heartland”, follows the trail from Kuching to Batang-Ai, exploring the heartland of the legendary Dayaks along the way.

Once feared as the Headhunters of Borneo, the Dayaks are known for their fearlessness and their daring battles with the White Rajahs, leading the Rajahs to build a string of forts to defend their territory.

Paradesa Borneo, the organisers of this new bike trail, is an adventure travel company that specialises in cycle tours throughout Sarawak with 16 unique bike tours under their belt, ranging from short half-day trips through city heritage sites as well as cross-country cycling adventures such as the Fort-to-Fort trail.

The adventure travel company also offers kayaking, caving and hiking tours around Sarawak in addition to its core products for cycle tourists.

For more information:

Photo Credit Paradesa Borneo

Orang Utan Naming

The Semenggoh Wildlife Centre is calling out to the public to propose names for the three-week-old Orangutan baby born on September 16 at the centre, located roughly 20km from the capital city of Kuching.

“Orangutan do respond to their names but we have yet to decide on the name. They are 90 per cent similar to humans, so they know when we call them by their names,” the centre’s manager Chong Jiew Han mentioned.

Chong added that the baby’s gender has not been determined, as the protective mother has kept out of sight and reach these past few weeks, therefore those who wish to suggest a name are asked to opt for a gender neutral name, possibly depicting a patriotic theme as the baby orangutan was born on Malaysia Day.

The suggested names can be sent to the Sarawak Forestry website (www.sarawakforestry.com) until the closing date on Nov 20, when the name will be decided by a selected panel and later announced during the Centre’s annual dinner on November 25.

Photo credit  Borneo Post
Photo credit Borneo Post